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DISCOGRAPHY : Forever, Michael ALBUM (1975)

Forever, Michael is the fourth solo album by American singer Michael Jackson, released by the Motown label in 1975.

The album was Jackson’s fourth as a solo artist and would end up being his final album released with Motown before he and his brothers (The Jackson 5) left for CBS Records a year later. This album displayed a change in musical style for the sixteen-year-old, who adopted a smoother soul sound that would be a catalyst for Jackson’s later solo records on Epic Records.

Most of the tracks were recorded in 1974, and the album was originally set to be released that year. However, because of demand from the Jackson 5’s huge hit “Dancing Machine“, production on Jackson’s album was delayed until the hype from that song died down.

The album helped return Jackson to the top 40, aided by the singles “We’re Almost There” and “Just a Little Bit of You“, both written by the Holland Brothers (Eddie and Brian) of Holland–Dozier–Holland.

In 1981 Motown released “One Day in Your Life” as a single, coupled with the One Day in Your Life compilation album release, to capitalize off Jackson’s Off the Wall success on Epic. The single went to number one in the UK, becoming the 6th best-selling single of 1981 in the UK.

[edit] Track listing

# Title Writer(s) Length
1. We’re Almost There”   Holland/Holland 3:42
2. “Take Me Back”   Holland/Holland 3:24
3. One Day in Your Life”   Armand/Brown 4:15
4. “Cinderella Stay Awhile”   Sutton 3:08
5. “We’ve Got Forever”   Willensky 3:10
6. Just a Little Bit of You”   Holland/Holland 3:10
7. “You Are There”   Brown/Meitzenheimer/Yarian 3:21
8. “Dapper Dan” (freestyle) D. Fletcher 3:11
9. “Dear Michael”   Davis/Willensky 2:35
10. “I’ll Come Home to You”   Perren/Yarian 3:02


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